Improve flexibility, strength, posture and range of motion with Fit Tower™. Combining elements of Pilates, yoga and ballet dance, as well as traditional strength training and cardio exercises, the Fit Tower ™ Workout System targets the entire body including your “trouble areas” for a stronger, longer, fitter YOU! 

Progressive modifications make the Fit Tower Workout System perfect for ages 14-80 and all fitness levels. This comprehensive ballet barre, weight training, resistance training home workout unit provides a home exerciser with limitless exercise possibilities to tone and strengthen the total body while also increasing flexibility and endurance.

The patented Fit Tower™ design includes a foam covered comfort cross bar that adjusts to 10 different levels making it functional for many different types of exercise and comfortable for individuals of varying heights. The Fit Tower™ is easy to assemble and easy to store making it the perfect choice for exercisers with limited space for equipment in the home environment.