Cathe’s featured favorite Fit Tower® Exercises

  • shapeup-fittower

    Shape up your legs and improve your balance with fun and firming Ballet inspired exercises such as this one featured here in Fit Tower’s Long and Strong DVD. You’ll stand taller and your legs will look leaner and stronger each and every time you do the work out.

  • backmuscles-fittower

    Who doesn’t want strong & toned back muscles that look “oh so perfect” in open-back tops and dresses? This exercise, found in Fit Tower’s Long and Strong DVD is great for shaping and defining the muscles of the back and shoulders and is an excellent exercise for enhancing your posture too.

  • shapely-legs-fittower

    Looking for awesome shapely legs? How about a totally toned backside? Well, you've come to the right place! Here is an excellent thigh and butt shaping exercise found in Fit Tower's Lean and Mean DVD that will keep you coming back for more. This exercise hits specific areas on the backside of your legs to buns to "round out" your program!

  • firm-tighten-fittower

    Looking to firm and tighten the “flabby” backside of your arms? This exercise, found in Fit Tower’s Slim and Trim DVD is a great exercise for firming that hard to reach area of the back of the arms.

  • nobulges-fittower

    A belly with no bulges? This rope climb exercise in Fit Tower’s Slim and Trim DVD is a great exercise to help you firm your mid-section and improve your overall core strength.

  • define-muscles-fittower

    Are you ready to burn fat & shape and define your muscles? Get ready to engage in this cardio fat burning exercise found in Fit Tower's Lean and Mean workout. This fun heart pumping dance inspired exercise will help you shed unwanted body fat while shaping your arms, legs and core!

  • sixpack-abs-fittower

    Are you ready to get those six pack abs? This exercise in Fit Tower's Long and Strong DVD isolates the abdominal & core region through the use of the unique adjustable barre. Get ready to experience firm abs like you've never felt before.

  • lean-mean-fittower

    Ready to get lean and mean? One of the hardest exercisers for a woman to do is a pull-up. Now with the unique feature and design of the Fit Tower you will be able to work your way up to doing pull ups. Pull ups not only improve your back, core and arm strength, but they are great for overall conditioning to keep you fit and functional for every day life activities. This amazing strength based exercise is featured in Fit Towers Lean and Mean DVD.