About Fit Tower®

Welcome to the Fit Tower® This comprehensive home workout unit provides a home exerciser with limitless exercise possibilities to tone and strengthen the total body while also increasing flexibility and endurance.

The patented Fit Tower® design includes a foam covered comfort cross bar that adjusts to 10 different levels making it functional for many different types of exercise and comfortable for individuals of varying heights.

The Fit Tower® is easy to assemble and easy to store making it the perfect choice for exercisers with limited space for equipment in the home environment.

Your Fit Tower® Workout System includes the easy to assemble Fit Tower® with 10 adjustable workout levels, a Medium-Tension Loop Resistance Fitness Band, a Light-Tension Long Resistance Fitness Band, an Exercise Mat and 3 Workout DVDs.

About the Fit Tower DVDs

The Fit Tower® DVDs, led by Fitness Professional Cathe Friedrich, are dynamic total body workouts designed to improve your overall fitness level. These uplifting DVDs focus on lower body, upper body and core strength while additionally improving cardiovascular endurance, stability and flexibility. These workouts include elements of yoga, ballet, Pilates and traditional strength exercises that will keep you both challenged and engaged as you advance through the program.

Cathe Friedrich, a leader in the fitness industry.

About Cathe

Meet Cathe Friedrich, fitness professional and leading innovator in the home exercise video industry. For over thirty years, Cathe has built a following by providing fun, flexible and motivating ways to exercise and stay fit! Cathe’s followers have advanced in their fitness abilities and have watched their bodies transform as she’s continued to expand her workout offerings, staying focused on three guiding principles: Professionalism, Passion, and Quality. Cathe continues to produce unique, intense, and challenging workouts for all body types and fitness levels. Today her fitness empire, which includes over 400 DVDs and live stream workouts, is one of the largest privately owned fitness video libraries in the world. Cathe’s dedication and strong influence on the fitness industry led to her induction into the Fitness Hall of Fame in 2011. Cathe’s motto has always been, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!” and with each and every workout Cathe strives to do just that!